About Aatman Academy

About Aatman Academy
Aatman Academy is a customized learning and specialized instruction school for students with Learning Disabilities (LD), Difficulties and Differences. Located in Thane city, this school was founded on 10th October 2010 and began operations on 16th June 2011, with just 3 students. The school is being run by Aatman Educational Society a registered trust -MAHA/722/11/THANE, dated 9.3.2011 and F/23266/THANE, dated 12.3.2012. AES has also received the certificate for exemption under Sec 80 (G). (No.PN/CIT Exemp.)/Tech/80G/Pune Rg/ 254/48/2015-16)

Today, in its sixth year, aatman is a safe learning space to over 60 children not only from Thane but from as far as Kalyan, Mira Road and Mulund, Bhandup and Kanjur Marg.

The school adopts the Maharashtra state board curriculum and has witnessed the successful passing out of a total of 25 Std. X students in the last four academic years (2012-2016). With only school support along with in-house remedial therapy and counselling, our students have achieved the daunting task of scoring from digit scores to distinction. In both the academic years we have seen a 100% result with the average minimum score being 65% and the maximum being 81%. These results have been the fruition of the intensive efforts taken by the team of learning facilitators, special educators and counsellors at aatman. At every step the core philosophy of aatman has been to provide learners with whatever they need to improve their learning and never compromise on the respect and sensitivity they deserve while doing so.

Aatman ensures that learners are happy and safe both physically and psychologically as they go about their learning journey in a joyful way.

We take great pride in being the only school of its kind not just in Thane but we can safely say, in the entire state of Maharashtra.

Today, as we spread our wings, we have individuals and charitable organizations from the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) showing keen interest in and following the work being done at Aatman.

Concept of Aatman Academy:

Aatman Academy caters to the specific learning needs of learners with LD and such a focused programme has many benefits as have been evident in our three years of running the school.
1. Aatman Academy offers integrated programs that consistently meet students’ specific needs, and by creating an environment where weaknesses do not overshadow strengths, we empower students to realize their potential.
2. The greatest support a customized learning school like Aatman gives its students is a rediscovery of the correlation between effort and success; that is to say that students quickly realize that “If I put forth effort, I will be successful.”
3. Because all students learn differently, there is no negative stigma associated with specialized instruction— everyone is taught in a way that strategically targets individual learning needs.
4. Our program addresses academic strengths and weaknesses while giving students access to the visual and performing arts, sports, therapy and other areas in which they might excel.
5. Once in a true peer group, students quickly feel comfortable taking risks and participating in areas that they might not have been given an opportunity before. As a result strengths are developed and weaknesses are remediated and self-esteem and confidence skyrocket.
6. Academically, our programs are specifically tailored to students who learn differently and this offers unparalleled opportunity to each child.

Our goal is help LD learners understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and maximize their achievement by drawing out the best from their innate potentials. We aim to give the learners holistic experiences to prepare them for successful careers through meaningful and significant contributions.


Our mission is to transform the lives of LD students by providing them with a structured, stress-free, comprehensive, challenging and engaging curriculum suited to their individual learning styles.

Aatman Academy, is giving LD learners a safe haven, where their “world is without fear” and their “head is held high”! The academy aims to help children embark on a journey of self-discovery, not letting the world decide for them their worth and value based on their academic performance alone! These individuals will be able to redefine success by their achievements “beyond the blackboard and the report card”. They will be seen impacting the growth and development of this nation in the most unimaginable ways merely because they were “allowed to explore” those ways in a school like ours. They will also be able to declare (like John Chambers –CISCO or Richard Branson- Virgin Atlantic) that THEY have been living with a learning disability and yet have dared to dream and make their dreams come true against all odds. Today, there are few Indians like Abhishek Bachchan or Mr. Boman Irani who have come out in the open and declared that they have been LD learners, but by studying in a school like Aatman Academy we wish that children will be able to speak about their Learning Disability, in the most “matter of fact” manner!

We believe that the real change will be visible 7-10 years from now, when we begin to see a whole generation of highly well-established individuals who will be able to openly share their challenges as LD learners, and attribute a part of their success to aatman academy……a place where they learnt to believe in themselves and succeed, not just ‘inspite of their disabilities….but because of the same’!!

Aatman Academy, a school with a difference…..

                                                                                          A school that celebrates differences!

The Aatman “difference”:

At Aatman, challenging concepts are introduced and taught by using multisensory approaches, experiential learning, manipulatives, multimedia—anything, in short, to engage all the senses and encourage students to be actively involved in the learning process. This ensures that students are appropriately challenged and can enjoy success. Furthermore, the child does not have to fit into a particular program; because every teacher has expertise and specialized training; they have the flexibility to offer instruction that is most appropriate to each individual.

Teachers at Aatman Academy are truly specialists. Whether it is a science class, a math class, or a history class, these teachers have a thorough understanding of and sensitivity to students who learn differently. Unlike many mainstream set-ups, at aatman compassion and flexibility is not limited to the “learning centre” or “resource room,” nor is it limited to the classroom. Adults who are in contact with students throughout the day share this expertise and specialization. The result is that students are understood, their strengths are appreciated, their needs are consistently met, and they are not misperceived or mislabelled as being “lazy,” “unmotivated,” or “stupid.”

It is also very important to note the difference between “support” and “remediation.” Schools that offer academic support help students keep up with what is happening in the classroom. For example, if a student has a deficit in reading comprehension, academic support might help that student keep up with readings in history class, but support services do not directly address the student’s reading comprehension deficit. Therefore, support services can be seen as a “band-aid” approach to learning, where students simply get by. Conversely, remedial instruction is structured to explicitly and directly develop skills while teaching students important strategies to compensate for their weaknesses. Remedial instruction is evidenced by a separate and distinct curriculum that is individualized to students’ learning needs.

It is important to understand that while no school can “cure” a student’s learning problem, specialized instruction schools such as aatman academy offer effective, research-based instruction that ensure that children receive the best possible opportunity to make significant academic gains. Furthermore, by meeting the needs of the “whole child”, our comprehensive programs help students gain confidence, develop self-advocacy skills, appreciate their talents, and discover their potential.

The final goal of Aatman Academy is to prepare students with learning challenges such as LD, not just for a livelihood and living but for a positively, productive and peaceful life!