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                                                                                                                           Aatman Educational Society completes 5 years!
It was a journey that started with the first baby step on 10/10/10 i.e 10th October 2010. A eclectic group of 10 members met at 10 am on the tenth floor, to listen to the heralding of a “school whose time has come!”

Aatman Academy – a customized learning school for children with learning disabilities and differences was started under the aegis of the Aatman Educational Society. The fundamental philosophy of this academy revolves around 5 key features which are as follows:

At any given time these 5 features form the core of all the events and activities at Aatman Academy and these are never compromised.

FREEDOM– This can be defined in many different ways but the most significant form of freedom that Aatman helps its students “taste/experience” (for the first time for some!) is “the freedom to just be their own self!”

FOCUSED– The Aatman Academy’s customized learning programme is highly focused and caters to individual learning needs and personal learning styles and also provides in-built remediation therapy and counselling inputs.

FIRST-HAND– Learning by doing is the best or infact the most effective way of learning. The academy believes in transacting all classes through the experiential or hands-on method which is the most natural and easy way of learning anything be it a poem, a formula or the details of a world war!

FRIENDLY– ask any student… who has been at Aatman for a day or for four years what it is that they like the most at the academy and pat comes the answer “the teachers….the friends”. And this feeling we believe comes from the respect that is maintained for one and all….differences notwithstanding!

FUN– The word says it all! Be it a Math class or a music therapy session, be it a thinking skills period or a History lesson…..learning at aatman…no matter what it may be is always fun and that also means stress free!
These five pillars of Aatman have ensured success to the Aatman model of learning and the proof lies in the fact that three of its Std X batches have passed out with flying colours. With percentages ranging from the lowest at 65% to the highest at 84%, the most important point of pride is the fact that NONE of the students have ever taken the support of any external classes /tuition/ tutorials or coaching! The entire credit goes to the students, the parents and most importantly the learning facilitators at Aatman Academy who have worked relentlessly and dedicatedly to ensure that students get opportunities to bring out their personal best!

Every year, this event, which is held at the Kashinath Ghanekar Auditorium in Thane, is revelled amidst much fanfare with one single theme or topic.
This year (quite obviously!) it was decided that the theme would be FIVE! The theme “fusion of the fundamental five, that makes aatman academy thrive!” will be at the core of all the events in the 5th year of aatman.

With the theme of five, the event will see kids performing on various ideas such as:
• Jamming session with 5 percussions instruments
• Panchatantra
• 5 Pandavs
• Panchatattvas / Panchamahabhootaas (5 Elements)
• Pancha-Koshas
• Pancha-Dhatus


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