PLAN 2014

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                                                                                                   PLAN 2014: The Panchatattva Approach to Leadership

                                                                                                       (‘Shaping’ the ‘aatmans’ of Indian School Leaders!)

Shaping India and Aatman Academy in association with Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School organized a two day leadership conclave PLAN 2014- an acronym for Professional Leadership And Networking. In its first year this conclave witnessed a gathering of more than 180 Principals and Vice –Principals, from all over Mumbai and its suburbs as well as from numerous cities across Maharashtra including Nashik, Akola, Baramati, Beed, Latur, Sindphana, Majalgaon, Pune etc. The conference with its theme “The Panchatattva Approach to Leadership” was jointly conceptualized and created by Mr. Heemanshu Doshi (Founder Director, Shaping India), Ms. Manjushree Patil (Founder Director, aatman academy) and Ms. Shlipaa Vaidya (Co-Founder aatman academy) along with support and advice from Ms. Revathi Srinivasan (Director Education and Principal, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School).

The first day began with an inaugural speech by Mr. S Chockalingam, Education Commissioner, Gov. of Maharashtra followed by a Key Note address by Dr. Mohan Agashe, renowned Theatre personality, Psychiatrist and Padmashree awardee. While Mr.Chockalingam stressed the need to give children not just knowledge but also a good solid moral foundation, Dr. Agashe presented the concept of circular progress in education as against linear progress along with the idea that previously learning happened subconsciously but now it has entered a conscious domain.

This was followed by a Panel discussion on the “Prithvi Tattva” in which the panellists shared their views, experiences and insights on how to “manage WITH the management”. The remaining four tattvas were interactive and reflective expositions that drew connections between the principals and the various stake holders in school.

Vayu – The Strength: The Teachers

Jal – The Existence: The Students

Agni – The Force: The Parents

Aakash – The Integrity: The Principal (The Self)

These sessions were interspersed by a novel idea called “Princi-Pal’s diaries”. These diaries, spread over two days introduced, four highly inspiring principals who shared the story of their life along with some pearls of wisdom on leadership!

Mr. D Sivanandhan Former DGP Maharashtra and Commissioner of Police Mumbai who was the inaugural speaker for the second day was the cynosure of the event as he spoke on “ethics in Leadership!”

Other eminent speakers during this conclave included Ms. Manju Singh (theatre personality), Ms. Lakshmi Kumar (Director, The Orchid School, Pune.) Dr. Madhura Phadke, (Principal – Pawar Public School, Chandivli), Ms. Meera Korde (Chairperson and Administrator SVPT, Rabodi), Ms. Binaifer Choga (Principal of Udayachal School, Vikhroli), Ms. Anjali Kadlaskar (Principal, Nishu Nursery and Kothari Convent, Akola) Ms. Revathi Srinivasan (Director, Education and Principal, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School) as well as Ms. Manjushree Patil and Ms. Shlipaa Vaidya from aatman academy.

The event culminated in the formation of an inspiring group called SHARE- Self Help Among Real Educators in which educators will come together and ‘share’ ideas, discuss their views and basically support and applaud each other in their journey to make a “real” difference to Indian Education! This group will also been seen as an e-platform. The feedback from the delegates was extremely overwhelming. While one Principal declared that “PLAN was a conference like none that she had ever attended!” most others echoed the thought that they were eagerly awaiting the conference next year – same dates, same venue!


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