PLAN 2016

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All too often, Leaders are expected to use their cognitive faculties to exercise their leadership acumen! However, today a growing number of high profile leaders are beginning to see the value that emotions play in leadership roles.

Here is what Daniel Goleman the ‘father’ of the Theory of Emotional Intelligence has written in one of his earliest articles on this topic in The Harvard Business Review:

“My research, along with other recent studies, clearly shows that emotional intelligence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without it, a person can have the best training in the world, an incisive, analytical mind, and an endless supply of smart ideas, but he still won’t make a great leader…………. Other researchers have confirmed that emotional intelligence not only distinguishes outstanding leaders but can also be linked to strong performance.”

In short, the numbers are beginning to tell us a persuasive story about the link between an organization’s success and the emotional intelligence of its leaders. And just as important, research is also demonstrating that people can, if they take the right approach, develop their emotional intelligence. ”

As leaders, we lead humans, and where there are humans there are emotions or ‘rasas’!

PLAN 2016 – Thane, explored this less chartered territory of the NAV-RASAS or the nine fundamental emotions that we experience as human beings in our journey with fellow humans. Though a challenging task, the learnings were rich and inspiring as some of the most established individuals /professionals from a wide spectrum of fields shared their experiences and anecdotes.

The core objective of this theme was to give leaders insight and help them reflect upon their own core as they vicariously learn from the stories of other highly successful leaders from various walks of life.  

List of Speakers at PLAN 2016- NAVRAS

Sr. no Name of the Navras Note on the Navras Proposed/Confirmed Speakers
Inaugural  Speaker Day Mr. Subhash Ghai
1. Karun Compassion / pity/ sympathy Ms. Rohini Nilekani
2. Shoor /Veer Pride/ confidence Mr. Ram Kumar
3. Shringar Beauty/devotion Ms. Reema Lagoo
4. Raudra Stress/irritation Mr. Laxminarayana  (IPS)
5. Adbhut Curiosity/mystery The Dabbawallas of Mumbai-Mr. Subodh Sangle
6. Bhayanak Anxiety/worry Dr. Armida Fernandez
7. Shaant Calm/relaxation Smt. Jaya Row
8. Bibhatsa Depression/self-pity Ms. Laxmi Tripathi
9. Hasya Humour / sarcasm Dr. Tushar Guha
10. Other Speakers Mr. Boman Irani

Ms.Gauri Sharma Tripathi

Ms. Jude Kelly


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