All the learning that takes place within the curriculum framework of Aatman Academy is based on the above fundamental underpinnings. Mindfull Education-ME time is an important and integral part of the Aatman curriculum.  Learners are exposed to a wide variety of subjects which are academic and non-academic in nature. These include:

  1. Languages: Marathi, Hindi and English
  2. Math
  3. Themes (upto Grade VIII)
  4. Social Sciences (Grades IX and X)
  5. Science and Technology (Grades IX and X)
  6. Heath Hygiene Physiology and Home Science ( optional subject in Grades IX and X)
  7. Cookery (Grades IX and X)
  8. Milk and Milk Products (Grades IX and X)
  9. ICT
  10. Music
  11. Dance
  12. Mime and Drama
  13. Visual Arts
  14. Yoga
  15. Karate
  16. Dance Movement Therapy
  17. Arts Based Therapy
  18. Sports and Fitness
  19. Indoor Games and Activities
  20. Life Skills
  21. Remediation and Therapy
  22. Meditation

The Aatman Model is rich in the experiential approach and aims to help students learn through hands-on explorations. The end goal is to develop the students’ attitudes (heart), equip them with skills (hand), and improve their knowledge (head). At the end of their learning journey at Aatman Academy we have observed that students have immensely improved on the following parameters: