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On 10/10/2020 Aatman Academy completes 10 years!

Having supported over 150 unique and diverse learners in their journey, over the past ten years, we are truly Zen @ Ten!

With the pandemic still looming large, our plans to celebrate our big day in a big way have been dampened…but not our spirits!

We know we cannot celebrate with all of you (in person), but we won’t celebrate without all of you either!

So, we take great pleasure in inviting you to a monthly series of candid and "Zen Conversations" with some of the most inspiring individuals who are changemakers, from all walks of life. 

This series called "ZenVersations" will be on the 10th of every month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

Join us to hear them chat about their school days and their student life, their troubles and their triumphs, their guts and their glories!

Listen to them share the ‘zentastic‘ moments and ‘zensational‘ experiences of their life!

You won’t want to miss meeting them, so just block the 10th of each month for the next ten months. We assure you….it’ll be truly worth your time!

For a special invite on Zoom (which we highly recommend!) to get a personal experience of the event and also for you to get an opportunity to ask a question to our esteemed guest(s) please click here.

Entry Free

Our next guest in the ZenVersations series is Mr. Vimal Kumar.

You may not know who he is but you MUST know who he is and what he has been through to get where he is today!!

His story is nothing like anything you’ve ever heard before…. Trust me!

Please don’t miss ZenVersation#2 with Vimal Kumar: Defying destiny and driving a dream!

Do recommend it to as many students, parents and professionals as you can.

Thanks… See you on the 10th!

We begin the series with Ms. Meghna Ghai-Puri President of Whistling Woods International,


Mr.Rahul Puri Head of Academics at WWI and the MD of Mukta Arts.

Our guests will be in conversation with Manjushree Patil, Founder Director Aatman Academy, who will also curate the questions that you send in.