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Aatman Academy’s Vision

Aatman Academy’s Vision

Redefining, Role-modeling and Pioneering Inclusion in Education

Develop the students’ attitudes (heart)

Equip them with skills (hand)

Improve their knowledge (head)

Redefining Inclusion!

Redefining Inclusion!

Nationally ranked among the top ten institutions for learners with Special Needs for five consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021) by the Education World magazine.

Aatman Academy is a unique institution that caters to the individualized learning needs of children through customized learning and specialized instruction.

While the primary target group of the institute is students with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Differences; now in its twelfth year since inception, Aatman has redefined inclusion! Aatman is a space where diverse learners learn together–safely and successfully with utmost sensitivity to each one’s unique learning needs and styles-and that’s why it’s an inclusive learning programme!

Located in Thane city, Aatman Academy was founded on 10th October 2010 and began operations on 16th June 2011, with just 3 students. It is being run by Aatman Educational Society a registered trust -MAHA/722/11/THANE, dated 9.3.2011 and F/23266/THANE, dated 12.3.2012. AES has also received the certificate for 80 G exemption. (No.PN/CIT Exemp.)/Tech/80G/Pune Rg/ 254/48/2015-16).

PACE Learning... Not RACE Learning!

PACE Learning... Not RACE Learning!

Currently, in its twelfth academic year, Aatman offers a learning space to over 80 children not only from Thane but from as far as Kalyan, Mira Road and Mulund, Bhandup and Kanjur Marg.

This alternative learning centre adopts the State board curriculum and has witnessed the successful passing out of a total of 141 Std. X students in the last ten academic years (2012-2022). With only learning centre support along with in-house remedial therapy and counseling, our students have achieved the daunting task of scoring from digit scores to distinction. In all the ten academic years we have seen a 100% result with the average minimum score being 60 % and the maximum being 85%. These results have been the fruition of the intensive efforts taken by the team of learning facilitators, special educators and counsellors at Aatman. At every step the core philosophy of Aatman has been to provide learners with whatever they need to improve their learning and never compromise on the respect and sensitivity they deserve while doing so.

Aatman ensures that learners are happy and safe both physically and psychologically as they go about their learning journey in a joyful way.

We take great pride in being the only institute of its kind not just in Thane but we can safely say, in the entire state of Maharashtra.

Today, as we spread our wings, we have individuals and charitable organizations from the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK) showing keen interest in and following the work being done at Aatman. Aatman Academy students have also been specially invited to perform at the launch of the Unity in Diversity India Chapter of the United Nations Global Dialogue Foundation in March 2016.