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(Fostering Inclusion through Stakeholders’ Talents )

Inclusion is often spoken about more than it is practised. Most organizations believe in it, but may not actually see its benefits unless they have experienced it personally. This event aims to make inclusion a lived experience and help people see the joys of being inclusive as a way of life!

A talent show making Inclusion a Lived Experience!

This unique event has been conceptualized with the core intention of impacting ALL the participants and their organizations. The focus is on getting stakeholders to have conversations around the core theme of the event which is INCLUSION, while they enjoy the journey towards planning and preparing for this event.


Interfacing while practising a performance is an assured way for groups to make inclusion a lived experience!

That’s where the real impact will happen and through the ripple effect it will percolate across the organization as they will be talking about the unique idea/concept of the show and then they will gather to cheer their performers on the final day. Though it’s the presentation that will finally win the award for the organizations, the film on inclusion will be just as important and counted for the final points being calculated.

The deep impact of this event is to shift the paradigm from “talking inclusion” to “being inclusive” and making it a reality!

Have Any Question?

Have Any Question?

This event encourages stakeholders in organizations to showcase their talents as a GROUP. The primary criterion is that a minimum of 5 different stakeholders MUST participate in the presentation being put up for the event.

The event is open to any stakeholders from schools, colleges, NGOs corporates and any organizations with teams that work together.

The key concept is to get a minimum of 5 different stakeholders to prepare a presentation or a performance in the following genre:

  • Song (not from any films, preferably classical/folk/western classical)
  • Dance (not on film songs, preferably classical/folk/western classical or contemporary)
  • Poem (English/Hindi/Marathi)
  • Skit (English/Hindi/Marathi)
  • Mime (preferably with a message)
  • Tableau (preferably with a message)

A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 participants can take part in the presentation. But they have to be representing atleast five different stakeholders For e.g  in a school group these would be:

  • A child
  • A teacher
  • A member of the support staff
  • A member of the admin staff
  • A parent /grandparents/ any immediate family member representing the home of the child.